Lucifer's Trip 4-cut debut 7" EP released on Lucifer's Trip Records.

It's a press of 300 on purple swirl vinyl.

Check us out at bandcamp

You can pick up the 7"EP or a digital download there.

We expect to have a big radio hit with our new single, Lucifer Says "Die"

After nearly 1000 hits, our video was removed from YouTube because of "inappropriate content". Supposedly nudity is only allowed for educational content.

What's wrong with a little sex, drugs & Rock'n Roll !!!

Until we figure out an easy way to stream it in full quality, here's a slightly lesser quality version from Myspace:

Lucifer's Trip - Lucifer Says "Die"

...or feel free to download & view our video in it's full glory:

Lucifer's Trip - Lucifer Says "Die"
(just right-click and "save link as")

For 7" orders [$5 plus s/h] or inquiries, drop us a line: